New mode of swindling.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

New Mode of Swindling. Two Hundred Dollars Reward For Apprehending the chief actor, RICHARD HARDEN,

Late of Pratt-street, in the city of Baltimore, Grocer, who left said city on or about the 24th day of October last. The publick would confer an obligation on a person from whom he purchased a large quantity of goods, which together with others purchased from different person, he sold to many others, chiefly a Mr. Shamway, to whom he sold upwards of 6600 dollars worth; (Shamway had been his clerk), and likewise on whom he prevailed to endorse notes to a considerable amount, if they would forward a few lines, mentioning where he may be found, to E.F. care of the Editor of the Federal Gazette.

The said R. Harden is about 28 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, stout made, black complexion, a mark on his jaw like than of an evil, down look, and is a taylor by trade. When in Baltimore he was dressed in black, with a crape on his hat; he seems to have a general knowledge of business, and of the country; is a native of New-England. He formerly lived in Charleston, S.C., and in Newbern, N.C. The person he has taken in as above stated, is a man with a large family, from whom he has taken nearly the whole means of support for them and himself, and therefore claims the assistance of the publick in detecting him. Should the person giving information (so that he can be arrested) require it, the above reward will be given by the writer of this, who may be known application to the Editor of the Baltimore Federal Gazette; and his name never be mentioned.

N.B. It is supposed that Harden has gone to New York, followed by several of his associates, at which place he will probably resume a trade to which he is no stranger. December 16.

Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger, 1 Jan 1808