They are very well known.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$200 Reward. Ranaway from the subscriber, on the 22nd inst., FOUR NEGRO BOYS, named as follows: CHARLES WINN, aged about 24; WILLIAM, aged about 17 years; JOHN, aged 14 years; JIM, aged about 12 years.

The above boys are very well known as the children of Adam Winn. I think they intend trying to get to some free state. The above reward will be given for their delivery, or for their confinement in any jail in the State.   THOMAS BENNETT. Mt. Olive, Wayne co., July 25, 1854.

Fayetteville Observer, 3 August 1854.

[Sidenote: Adam Winn was a free man. Several of his sons were slaves. — LYH]