He may have taken the horse to North Carolina.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Twenty Dollars Reward will be given for the recovery of the subscriber’s HORSE, which was taken from him about 4 miles from Portsmouth, on the stage road, on Thursday night last. Said Horse is a dark bay, with a bob tail, though not very short, about 12 ½ hands high, nine years old, large body and feet (the left hind hoof having a split in it). He was purchased of a Mr. Mullen, of Bertie county N.C. a few weeks ago. It is believed that a free negro, who was seen in the neighborhood that evening, has taken him, and made his way to Richmond or North-Carolina – The above reward will be given for the Horse and conviction of the Thief, or Ten Dollars for the Horse alone.  MARTHA CASEY, near Hodges’s Ferry.  April 1.  

Norfolk & Portsmouth Herald, 6 April 1818.