Burnt to a cinder.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Accident. – At a cornshucking, at Mr. Elisha McDaniel’s, in Northampton county, on Saturday evening last, two persons were burnt to death; one a free man of colour, by the name of Ezekiel Wilkins, about 21 years old, also a negro boy, the property of Edmund Jacobs, Esq., about fourteen. The circumstances are these, as well as I can learn: The hands finished shucking out the corn at one place, and put the shucks in the fodder house, and it is supposed that the two unfortunate individuals had crept in and gone to sleep in the shucks – after this, the hands went to the house to get some refreshment, when these two boys were found missing.  One of the negroes took a light and a small boy with him, and went to the stack in search – the boy held the fire while the others examined the stack, at this instant the shucks and fodder took fire, and it was with difficulty that the boy escaped, who was searching.  The remnant of the bodies was found the next day burnt to a cinder.  Halifax Adv.

Tarboro’ Press, 18 November 1835.