He wished to go after his wife.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

RAN AWAY, From Raleigh on the 25th Instant, A BLACK MAN, by the name of ABRAM about five feet two inches high, well set, and about 40 years of age, a tolerably good Shoemaker and Cooper – at the Shoemaking he has worked the year past with Mr. Joseph G. Bacon of this place. I expect he will make to Murfreesborough in Hertford County, in this State, where he is well known, as he was bro’t to this place by a Mr. Allen Clark, and sold to me in June, 1813. I expect he has a Pass, as I understand he was wishing to get one wrote, as he said he wished to go after his wife Nancy, a free mulatto, who is said to be in the neighbourhood of the Borough with one of her children. – I forewarn all persons from harbouring or employing him in any way, or from carrying him either by land or water, as I shall be under the disagreeable necessity of putting the law in force against all such persons – but will satisfy any reasonable person who may bring him to me, or deliver him in Jail, so that I get him again.  J. SCOTT Raleigh, March 28.

Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, 29 March 1816.