39 lashes for preaching to slaves.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

[1831, chap. 4, sec. 1. Slaves and free negroes not to preach in public.]

36. It shall not be lawful under any pretence for any slave, or free person of colour to preach or exhort in public or in any manner to officiate as a preacher or teacher in any prayer meeting, or other association for worship where slaves of different families are collected together; and if any free person of colour shall be thereof duly convicted on indictment before any court having jurisdiction thereof, he shall, for each offence, receive, not exceeding thirty-nine lashes on his bare back; and where any slave shall be guilty of a violation of this act, he shall, on conviction before a single magistrate, receive not exceeding thirty-nine lashes on his bare back.

No. 105, An Act Concerning Slaves and Free Persons of Color. Revised Code of North Carolina, 1855.