Lurking about John Stanly’s.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

20  Dollars REWARD

RAN AWAY, from the subscriber, at Smith’s Creek, on the 23d of July last, his Negro Man SAM, He is about twenty years of age, black complexion, likely appearance, and has a pleasant look, — Has a scar, occasioned by a cut, on or near one of his knees.  SAM was at the late Camp Meeting, at Adams’ Creek, whence he ran away, after having been flogged for stealing several different articles.  It is supposed he is lurking about the plantation of Mr. John C. Stanly and between there and Kinston, near which place he has a sister. — The above reward will be paid on his being delivered at, the Jail in Newbern, or at any Jail, so that I get him.  GIDEON CARRAWAY. August 26th, 1820.

Carolina Centinel, New Bern, 26 August 1820.