An Act to Emancipate Hannah.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


An Act to Emancipate Hannah, Alias Hannah Bowers, a Person of Mixed Blood, Belonging to the Estate of the Late Alexander Gaston Deceased.

Whereas it appears to this General Assembly, That the late Alexander Gaston, of the town of New Bern, did in his lifetime frequently express a desire that the said girl Hannah should be set free, and did certify the same in his own handwriting, which certificate has been since found among the papers of the deceased: And whereas the widow of the said Alexander Gaston has also signified her desire that the said girl should in compliance with her husband’s wishes in his lifetime be set free:

I. Be it therefore Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby Enacted by authority of the same, That the said molatto girl called Hannah, alias Hannah Bowers, shall be, and is hereby declared to be emancipated and made free to all intents and purposes, and shall be entitled to all the privileges and benefits of a free person in as full and absolute manner, as if she the said Hannah had been born of a free woman. (Passed Jan. 6, 1787.)

Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1786-1787, Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.