His mother lives near John C. Stanly.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


RAN AWAY, from the subscriber, on the night of the eleventh instant, a black Negro Man, named COT; twenty five years of age, five feet, six or seven inches high. I expect he will be lurking about Snow Hill, in Greene county, as his father has his time, and lives in that vicinity; and it is probable that he will also be part of his time in the neighbourhood of the plantation of Mr. John C. Stanly, near Newbern, as his Mother lives with Mr. B.D. Gray, within a few miles of said plantation.

The above reward, and all reasonable expences, will be paid to any person who will apprehend and confine said runaway in Jail, so that I get him again. Masters of vessels, and others, are hereby cautioned from harbouring, employing or carrying him away, under the penalty of the law.   FREDERICK FOY, Jones county, July 11, 1822.

Carolina Centinel, New Bern, 13 July 1822.