Wayne County Apprentices, 1822-1824.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Bitha Reed, 10, Vina Reed, 8, Zion Reed, 6, Washington Reed, 3, and William Hagans, 6, were bound to Thomas Person in 1821.

[The Reids were children of free woman of color Rhoda Reid and her enslaved husband. — LYH]

Whitly Hagans, age 5, and Larkin Hagans, age 3, were bound to Jesse Bardin as farmers in 1822.

In the 1850 census of Cape Fear North East Side, Bladen County: Whitley Hagans, 30, carpenter, in the household of Edmund Richardson, farmer. By 1870, Whitley Hagans, 51, house carpenter, was listed in the census of Wadesboro, Anson County, with his wife Margarett, 54, and children Catharine, 24, Whitley, 23, Cora, 18, Hattie, 7, Allice, 5, and William, 1.

William Artis was bound to Stephen Woodard in 1822.

Theo King was bound to Mark Smith in 1822.

In the 1850 census of North Side of Neuse, Wayne County:  Theo. King, 22, farm hand, in the household of Major Smith, farmer.

David Lane, age 7, was bound to Matthew Grace in 1822.

In the 1850 census of Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana: David Lane, 34, carpenter, $400, Eda, 24, David, 8, and Nathan, 6, all described as mulatto, all born in NC. In the 1860 census, Indianapolis Ward 1, Marion County, Indiana: Eda Lane, 40, washwoman, and children David, 18, Nathan, 16, John, 12, Josephine, 9, and Kizziah, 4.

Henry C. Berry, age 8, was bound to Simon Copeland as a farmer in 1822.

Vina Hagans, 16, Eli Hagans, 18, and Sherard Hagans, 9, were bound to Robert Hooks in 1824.

In the 1850 census of North Side of Neuse, Wayne County: Sherrard Hagins, 39, day laborer, wife Mary, 39, and children Samuel, 20, day laborer, Winifred, 18, Benjamin, 16, Mary, 13, Smithy, 10, Narcissa, 7, and Robert, 7, and Nancy, 1.  In the 1860 census of Nahunta, Wayne County:  Sherard Hagans, 49, carpenter, wife Nancy, 50, washwoman, and children Mary E., 22, Robert, 18, Nancy, 12, and Marshall, 9. 

Poll, 14, and Major, 12, no last names, were bound to Blake Hooks in 1824.

Vina Seaberry, age 7, was bound to Henry Best as a spinster in 1824.

Mary Herring, age 18, was bound to Tobias Burns, as a spinster in 1824.

Nancy Burnett, age 11, was bound to James Musgrave, as a spinster in 1824.

Possibly, in the 1850 census of Fayetteville, Cumberland County: Miles Baker, 41, boatman, Nancy Burnett, 35, Benj. Roberts, 38, laborer, Jane Burnett, 15, Elizabeth Burnett, 11, Lovedy Brooks, 1, and Caroline Brooks, 25.

Micajah Burnett, age 13, was bound to John Cox as a farmer in 1824.

Lewis Artis, 12, was bound to Woodard Daniel as a farmer in 1824.

In the 1850 census of District 85, Parke County, Indiana: Lewis Artis, 40, farmer, wife Heneretta, 33, and Mathew Artis, 32, farmer, all born in NC, in the household of Henry Milligan, farmer, also born in NC. Lewis reported $1400 in real property.  (Milligan reported none.) Next door, Alford Artis, 52, farmer, born NC, and family. But see the 1860 census of Florida, Parke County, Indiana: Lewis Artis, 48, farmer, born NC, wife Elizabeth, 48, and children Lucy A., 22, Jesse, 20, John, 18, Louisa, 16, James, 12, Exum, 8, Eli, 7, and Margaret, 4. [Is this the same man? Are either the boy bound in 1824?]