Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 7.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Jane Tidline Fletcher.  Died 11 April 1943, Edwards, Wilkes County. Negro. Married to Geo. Fletcher. Born about 1853 in Wilkes County to Alfred Tidline and Margaret Valentine, both of Wilkes. Buried Sandy Creek cemetery. Informant, R.B. Gwyn.

In the 1860 census of Upper Division, Wilkes County: John A. Tydline, 24, day laborer; wife Margret, 22; and daughter Elmira, 4, plus Littleton Valentine, 30, carpenter, and George Grinton, 24, carpenter.

Nancy Calloway.  Died 6 November 1926, North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County. Widow. Black. Born 6 November 1847, Wilkes County, to B. Valentine and Pressie Valentine, both of Wilkes County.  Buried Woodlawn. Informant, Ben Calloway.

In the 1860 census of Upper Division, Wilkes County: Abedegoe Valintine, 65, farmer; wife Prissilla, 55; and Matterson, 32, Jack, 19, Nancy, 11, Sally Ann, 25, and Judia Valentine, 6.

William J. Watkins. Died 18 July 1923, North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County. Colored. Married to L.C. Watkins. Born 20 May 1852 to John Watkins of Davie County and Fannie Chavers of Wilkes. Buried Fair Plains NC. Informant, John Wadkins.

In the 1860 census of Lower Division, Wilkes County:  John Wadkins, 35, wife Fanny, 43, and children Laura, 13, Jordan, 11, Lucy, 9, Wm., 7, and Alfred, 3.