Matthew Artis Post No. 341, G.A.R.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Matthew Artis Post, No. 341, was organized at Day March 10, 1866, with twenty-one members, as follows:

Commander, Bishop E. Curtis; Senior Vice Commander, Henry D. Stewart; Junior Vice Commander, James Monroe; Adjutant, Abner R. Bird; Quartermaster, Solomon Griffin; Surgeon, Harrison Griffin; Chaplain George Scott; Officer of Day, Zachariah Pompey; Officer of Guard, John Copley; Sergeant Major, James M. Stewart; Quartermaster Sergeant, James H. Ford. Members: Peter Saunders, Caswell Oxendine, Berry Haithcock, John Curry, Samuel Wells, John Brown, Martin Harris, Andrew Gillum, George Broairdy, L.B. Stewart. …

From L.H. Glover, A Twentieth Century History of Cass County, Michigan (1906).

In the 1850 Perry, Logan County, Ohio: Elisha Bird, 60, farmer, Sarah, 60, Nancy, 36, Mary A., 15, James, 20, Lawson, 17, Abner, 8, and John Bird, 23. Elisha, Sarah and Mary were born in Virginia; Nancy and John Bird in NC; and James, Lawson and Abner Bird in Ohio. In the 1860 census of Calvin, Cass County, Michigan: Wyatt Byrd, 37, wife Charlott, 32, and children Mary J., 10, Leander, 6, Eliza A., 3, Sarah J., 2, and Abner, 15. Wyatt was born in NC; Charlotte in Virginia; and their children in Michigan, except Abner, Ohio.

In the 1850 census of Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana: Peter Copley, 40, wife Delila, 34, and children Elius A., 12, John A., 10, Mary M., 10, William C., 8, Caroline M., 7, Martha J., 6, Delily E., 4, and Matilda C., 1.  All born in NC, except the three youngest children, who were born in Indiana.  In the 1860 census of Porter, Cass County, Michigan: Peter Copley, 52, farmer, wife Delia, 44, and children John, 22, Wm., 17, Calvin, 16, Jane, 15, Elizabeth, 12, and Matilda, 10. All born in NC, except the three youngest children, who were born in Indiana.

In the 1850 census of Fugit, Decatur County, Indiana: Sally Hunt, 55, Celia Hunt, 22, Susan Hunt, 2, Levi Hunt, 1, Wiley Jones, 14, Jordon Jones, 12, Flora Oxendine, 10, Parmelia Oxendine, 6, and Caswell Oxendine, 4.  All born in NC except Levi Hunt, who was born in Indiana. In the 1860 census of Calvin, Cass, Michigan: Isaac Hunt, 36, wife Dorcas, 40, children Drusilla, 13, Susan, 10, Mary, 10, and Roxa A. Hunt, 6, plus C. Oxendine, 15.

Caswell Oxendine. Died 3 May 1914, Dowagiac, Cass County Michigan. Colored. Married. Farmer. Born 4 March 1844 in NC to unknown parents. Buried Calvin Center. Informant, Mrs. Oxendine.

In the 1850 census of Xenia, Greene County, Ohio: Berry Heathcock, 45, farmer, wife Fanny, 43, and William Lilly, 10, James A. Lilley, 8, Isaiah Lilley, 6, and Moses Daniel, 25, all born in NC. In the 1860 census of Burr Oak, Saint Joseph County, Michigan: Berry Hathcock, 35, born Ohio, in the household of Geo. Boyles, farmer.

Berry Haithcox. Died 16 March 1904, Porter, Cass County, Michigan. Married 15 years. 3 children, all living. Born 1825 in North Carolina to Mills Haithcox and Sarrah Byrd. Buried at Mount Zion. Informant, Roberta Haithcock, Vandalia.

In the 1850 census of Fugit, Decatur, Indiana: Arthur Gillam, 26, laborer, Margaret, 36, Harriet Bowden, 16, Mary Bowden, 14, Jackson Bowden, 11, Higgins Bowden, 10, John Bowden, 7, and Andrew Gillam, 4.  All born in NC, except Andrew and the two youngest Bowden children. In the 1860 census of Liberty, Union County, Indiana; Auther Gillam, 36, laborer, wife Margaret, 47, Mary Borden, 22, servant, Jackson Bowden, 20, laborer, Andrew Agillam, 13, and Taylor Gillam, 3, all classified as Indian. All were born in NC except Auther and Andrew, born in Indiana.