He has a free wife near Stantonsburg.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$50 Reward. RAN AWAY from the subscriber about 6 years ago, a negro man named JACOB. He is about 35 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, about the common color, tolerably active, has narrow feet, and a small scar over one of his eyes. It is probably he has altered his name, as he frequently passes from Stantonsburg to Newbern. He has a free wife by the name of Rancy Artis, living near Stantonsburg, & it is likely he attempts to pass for a free man. The above reward will be given to any person who shall deliver said Negro to me, living five miles about Stantonsburg, or confine him in Jail, so that I get him again. All masters of vessels are forwarned carrying him off. JOEL NEWSOM.  Wayne county, Aug. 7

Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, 19 November 1824.