He was persuaded off by a free woman, his wife.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

STOP THE RUNAWAY! DESERTED from the service of his employer on the 25th of December last, a Negro Man called CUPID, who belongs to Nicholas Arrington, Orphan of Gen. Wm. Arrington. Cupid is about 40 years old; six feet high; well made; common yellow; rather an unpleasant countenance. The middle finger of the right or left hand is off at the first joint. His clothes not recollected. He took with him Leather, Shoes, and Tools, suitable for his trade. He is one of the first rate Shoemakers.

Cupid was persuaded off by a free woman whom he had taken up with as a wife, by the name of Eliza Turner. Sometimes says her name is Eliza Toole, in her travels. She is a small yellow wench; perhaps 25 or 30 years old; — sly, timid countenance. She tells that she has made Newbern, Washington, and Tarborough places of her residence. I am persuaded they will make for one of those places. Cupid’s intention is to pass for a free man. He may have altered his name and procured a pass to that effect from some villain.

I will give Generous Reward to any person who will deliver to me the above named Cupid and Eliza and confine them in any jail so that I get them, to place him on his former standing, and bring her to justice. LAWRENCE BATTLE, Guard’n. Nash County, Jan 7th, 1817.

Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, 17 January 1817.