We have further allotted the widow one bed, wheel and cards.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

State of North Carolina, Robeson County   }   To the worshipful the Justices of the court of pleas and quarter-sessions for said county November term 1862

We John G. M’Lean Justice of the Peace of said county and Hector J. M’Lean Angus Wilkison and John McNair freeholders in obedience to the anexed order proceeded on the 17th day of October to view the estate of Hugh Chavous, deceased, and out of the crop stock and provisions on hand we have laid off and allotted Clarisa Chavous widow of Hugh Chavous (deceased) as follows that is to say one hindred bushels of corn eighteen hed of hogs one Beef all the peas, one Table four Bushels of Salt one Bible and Hym Book one Loom one pot one tray and sifter and these being not sufficient of the crop stock and provision on hand to make a comfortable provision for the Said Widow and family for a year We assess the deficiency to the sum of Thirty five Dollars in money to be paid to the said Widow by the administrator of the said Hugh Chavous (Decd) and we have further laid off and allotted to the said Widow one Bed and necessary furniture and Wheel and Cards as her absolute property and put her in possession of the same

Given in our hands and seals this 17th day of October AD 1862.  /s/ John G. M’Lean, Hector M’Lean, A.D. Wilkison, Jno. McNair

In the 1860 census of Robeson County: Hugh Chavis, 50, farmer; wife Clarisy, 45; and children Benjamin, 18, Pinkney, 16, Preston, 16, Nancy, 13, Prissey, 13, Hugh, 9, Melinda, 8, Turner, 7, Murdock, 6, D. Richard, 5, Sallie B., 3, and Alston, 1; all described as mulatto.