Free Colored Inhabitants of the Town of Murfreesboro, Hertford County, 1850.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

#47. Hester Artis, 19, servant, born in Hertford County, in the household of Ann M. Neal.

#48. Dempsy Ely, 36, sailor; wife Frances Ely, 30, day laborer; Cordelia Weaver, 18; Walter Weaver, 7 months; and Jno. Weaver, 20, brick mason; all born in Hertford County.

#49. Bridget Weaver, 64, day laborer; Ann Weaver, 29, day laborer; all born in Hertford County.

#50. Peggy Weaver, 78, day laborer; born in Hertford County.

#51. Margaret Boone, 28, servant, born Southampton County VA; in the household of John Hart, clerk.

#53. Jno. Boone, 13, servant; born in Hertford County; in the household of Ely Carter, merchant.

#55. Rachell Reynolds, 40, servant; Elizabeth Reynolds, 25, day laborer; both born in Hertford County; in the household of E.J. Jester.

#57. Henry Vaughan, 59, day laborer; wife J.A., 30; and children J.W., 2, and Henry, 1; Henry born in Northampton County, the others in Hertford.

#58. Patsy Boon, 55, day laborer, and Viney Boon, 57; both born in Hertford County.

#65. Warren Britt, 50; Lucy Britt, 45; Thos. Reynolds, 17, day laborer; Mariah Boon, 14, servant; and Eliza Woodson, 6. Warren, Thomas and Eliza were born in Hertford County; Lucy in Nansemond County VA; and Mariah in Southampton County VA.

#66. Jno. Chavious, 38, in the household of Holloway Ballance, farmer; born in Hertford County.

#68. Emma Bowser, 43; Sarah, 23, Wm., 19, M.T., 3, and M.A. Bowser, 3 months; all born in Hertford County. Emma, Sarah and William worked as day laborers.

#69. John Main, 25, field laborer; Nancy Main, 14; Ely Scott, 22; Wm. Weaver, 20; all born Northampton County; in the household of Jno. G. Wilson.

#70. Charles Simmons, 58, and Patsy Simmons, 56, both born in Northampton County.

#78. Phillip Weaver, 56, farmer, born in Southampton County VA; Hester Weaver, 40, born in Hertford County; Jane Askew, 16, day laborer, born in Northampton County; Elizabeth Beatman, 12, born in Northampton County.

#82. John Main, 24, day laborer, and V.S. Main, 33, born in Hertford County; in the household of Jesse J. Yeates, lawyer.