Free-Issue Death Certificates: GOINS.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Annie Goins.  Died 20 January 1935, Madison, Rockingham County. White. Single. Born 1 January 1849 in Rockingham County to Gilbert Goins and Paulina Goins, both of Rockingham County. Buried Gibson cemetery. Informant, Flynt Goins.

Winnie Goins. Died 16 April 1927, Barbecue, Harnett County.  White. Single. Age about 83. Born Rockingham County to Gilbert Goins and Polina Goins. Buried Gibson cemetery. Informant, William Kye.

Victoria Goins Kye. Died 30 December 1939, Jonesboro, Lee County. White. Widow of William Kye. Born 5 June 1855, Rockingham County to Gilbert Goins and Winnie Goins. Buried at Salem Church. Informant, Mrs. Maude Hickman.

In the 1850 census of Western District, Rockingham County: Gilbert Goings, 46, laborer; wife Deliah, 30; and children Wesley, 14, Nancy, 12, George W., 10, Mary J., 8, William N., 6, Spencer, 4, William R., 3, and Eliza, 1; all mulatto.  The family is not found in 1860.  In 1870, Mayo, Rockingham County:  Gilbert Goings, 62, farmer; wife Paulina, 50; and children Nash, 24, Annie, 20, Elizabeth, 22, Josepine, 18, Victoria, 16, Pendleton, 14, and Samuel, 11; all mulatto.

John Press Goins.  Died 16 January 1922, Stoneville, Madison, Rockingham County. Colored. Married. Farmer. Born 1850 to Pres Goins Sr. and unknown mother. Buried Lam graveyard. Informant, Flint Goins.

Alex Goins. Died 14 April 1938, Madison, Rockingham County. White. Widower of Martha Goins. Age 93. Farmer. Born to unknown father and Renda Goins. Informant, Pink Goins.

In the 1850 census of Western District, Rockingham County: Preston Goings, 48; wife Lucinda, 38; and children Mary I., 16, Francis, 15, Elizabeth, 8, Margaret, 7, Columbus, 4, John, 2, and Caroline, 7 months; all mulatto.  Next door: Marenda Goings, 33, and children Josiah, 18, Elizabeth, 12, William, 10, George, 8, John, 6, Mathew, 4, and Alexander, 1; all mulatto.