Onslow County Apprentices, 1823-24.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

James Henderson and Bryan Henderson were bound to Jason Gregory at February term, 1823.

Betsy Henderson was bound to James Glenn Jr. at February term, 1823.

Betsy, Nancy and Appie [no surnames] were bound to David Mashborn in 1823.

Miranda Henderson, James Henderson, Martha Henderson and Bryant Henderson were bound to James Glenn at February term, 1824.

Miranda Henderson was bound to Elizabeth Williams at August term, 1824.

William Henderson was bound to Lemuel Williams at May term, 1824.

James Henderson and Bryan Henderson, “the baseborn children of Patsey Henderson,” were bound to James Glenn Sr. at August term, 1824.

James Jarman, son of Charlotte Jarman, was born to 1824.

Amos Pittman, son of Sally Pittman, was bound to Edward Erwin in 1824.

Betsy Henderson and Gatsey Henderson, daughters of Nancy Henderson, were bound to Lewis Mills at August term, 1824.

Gatsy Pittman, daughter of Sucky Pittman, was bound to Jesse Humphrey in 1824.

In the 1860 census of Half Moon, Onslow County: Edmund Marshall, 25, cooper, and wife Martha, 20, “serving,” Gatsey Pittman, 45, domestic, and D.R. Ambrose, 23, merchant.

Needham Potter, son of Alice Potter, was bound to Charles Cox in 1824.

Patsy Henderson was bound to Amos Askew at November term, 1824.

Apprentice Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

[Sidenote: All these Hendersons are my kin.  My great-great-great-great-grandfather James Henderson and his brother Bryan/Bryant were sons of Patsey Henderson.  Miranda and Martha “Patsey” Henderson probably were their sisters.  I believe Nancy Henderson was Patsey Henderson the elder’s sister, and her children above were Betsy, Gatsey and, possibly, William.  Apprentice records show a dozen or so free colored Henderson children in Onslow County in the first quarter of the nineteenth century.  It seems likely that they were from one extended family, but proof is thin. — LYH]