Free Colored Inhabitants of the Town of Wilson, Wilson County, 1860.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

#352. James Higgins, 16, day laborer; Mary Butler, 40, cook, and Molly Butler, 1; in the household of E.T. Mayo.

#354. John Butler, 18, “ostler,” in the household of H.W. Peel.

#355. Lemon Taborn, 26, barber; William Shavers, 25, barber; and William Johnston, 23, carpenter; in the household of Joseph Barbee.

#362. Dave Simms, 25, day laborer, in the household of W.D. Rountree, merchant.

#369. Eliza Himan, 15, and Theodore Himan, 5, in the household of David Nolly, farmer.

#385. Joseph Thorn, 30, plasterer, and Caroline Thorn, 24, domestic, in the household of A.H. Williams, merchant.

#386. Sarah Locus, 6, in the household of Thomas C. Davis, County Court Clerk.

#388. Tenie Marbly, 11, and Henry Wiggins, 40, carpenter, in the household of Edmund Moore, farmer.

#392. Asburn Dunstan, 23, laborer, in the household of H.L. Winton, boarding house operator.

In the 1850 census of Louisburg, Franklin, Lemuel Dunn, 60, blacksmith; Milly Dunn, 60; Jane Fog, 19; Osborn Dunstan, 14; and John Fog, 8.  The household is listed among a cluster of Dusntan households, including: Osborn Dunstan, 57, swayer, Barbary, 50, and Sarah Dunston, 18, and Osborn May, 6. Also, in Timberlakes, Franklin County: Osborn Dunston, 52, and Sally Dunstan, 16.

#398. John Kersey, 37, blacksmith; wife Julia, 31; and children Louisa, 9, Dellah, 6, John, 5, and William, 1.  Kersey reported personal property valued at $300.

#399. Joseph Thorn, 25, brickmason; wife Caroline, 19, washerwoman; and daughter Fannie, 8 months; plus Bettie Fogg, 60, day laborer.

#401. Noah Lynch, 30, plasterer, and wife Piaty Lynch, 33, washerwoman; plus Julia Higgins, 20, domestic; John James, 10, and Martha Taylor, 7.  Lynch reported personal property valued at $700.

#406. Jesse H. Artis, 48, hostler, in the household of George Howard, Superior Court Judge.

#419. Joseph Fogg, 50, shoemaker, in the household of Edwin Eatmon, bootmaker.

In the 1850 census of Warren, Warren County: Joseph Fogg, 37, shoemaker.