These persons, though free, were sold and enslaved.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

November Sup. Court, Edenton District 1778 }  State of No. Carolina

On motion that a Writ of Certiorari should Issue to the Justices of Pasquotank County, to remove all the Orders and Proceedings of the Court of the said County relating to the Sale and enslaving of the following Persons, either of them, vizs. Hannah, David, Charles, Toby, Pritchard, Nero, Prissilla, Rose, Judith, Jane, Albertson, Samuel, Hagai, Ann and Sarah, on a Suggestion that the said Persons, ‘tho free subjects of the state, were Sold and enslaved by Order of said Court, in express Violation of the Constitution of this State, and contrary to Natural Justice, and that there are Manifest Errors and Irregularities in the said Proceedings.

Ordered that a Certiorari Issue accordingly, unless Sufficient  Cause to the Contrary be shewn within the three first days of the next insuing Term.    /s/ Will Righton for Cha. Bondfield C.S.C.

Records of Slaves and Free Persons of Color, Pasquotank County, North Carolina State Archives.