He might have saved his own had he not tried to save his master’s instead.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Peter Thomejeux of the town of Newbern merchant Maketh oath that his Servant Martial a mustee or person of mixed blood has during a period of years served him with uncommon faithfulness.  That he has during that time been entrusted with the care of a Store in which were large quantities of goods & often Sums of money & has even withstood the temptation such trust gave rise to. That he has attended him with care & affection during many long journies of sickness. That having been Suffered to have under his master’s eyes; he had hoarded up a sum almost sufficient to reimburse his master his purchase money. Which property was destroyed by the late fire, altho’ he might have saved it had he not endeavoured to save his master’s goods in preference to his own. That for these services this deponent pray a license to reward his said slave’s fidelity by setting him free. /s/ Thomezuen

Sworn to in open court this 16 Dec 1791

Miscellaneous Records, Craven County, North Carolina State Archives.