Caswell County Will Books: H

by Lisa Y. Henderson

At April term, 1817, Daniel Phillips, orphan boy of colour, age 8 years, bound to Edwin Rainey.

At July term, 1817, William Howel, a boy of colour age 12 years last September, bound to William Kennon.

At January term, 1818, Henry Logan, boy of colour age 14 years the 10th of March next, bound to William Sawyer.

At January term, 1818, Betsy Logan, a girl of colour age 12 years the 5th of April next, bound to Anderson Morton.

At April term, 1819, Luscinda Gillaspy, child of colour age 6 years the 20th May next, bound to Chandler Wilkins.

At April term, 1819, Anosha Gillaspy, child of colour age 3 years the 29th July next, bound to Frances Smith.

At January term, 1820, Dilcey Phillips, a girl of colour age 15 next September, and Frederick Phillips, a boy of colour age 12 years next March, bound to Polly Evans.

At January term, 1820, Matilda Garrott, a girl of colour age 12 in April next, bound to John N. McNeil until she attains 21 years of age.

At January term, 1820, John Robinson of Lynchburg, Virginia, desirous of rewarding a black by name of Jacob Thomas, who was raised by Bartlett Bennett of Orange County, Virginia, and was purchased by Robinson on 1 October 1808 from Thomas Jones of Campbell County.  (Said Jacob’s father being a free man of the same name.)  For $900 paid by Jacob Thomas, Robinson does hereby emancipate him and bestow upon him all the rights of a free man of colour in rhe Commonwealth of Virginia. 

At October term, 1820, Bob Kean, a boy of colour age 10 years the 25th of December next, bound to Thomas Brinefield.

At January term, 1821, Robert Gwyn and Ransom Gwyn, orphan children of colour age 7 and 11 years, bound to Azariah Graves.