He may have procured free papers.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

$25 REWARD. RANAWAY from the subscriber, residing near Concord, North Carolina, about the 1st of December last, a negro boy by the name of JOHN.  John is a very bright colored mulatto, is about five feet 10 inches in height, straight and well built – has long dark hair and wears it combed over in front and straight down over his ears and the back part of his head – and when excited or heated by exercise his face assumes a flush and ruddy complexion. He has a scar on his left hand and one upon his right wrist. – He has an axe scar on his left foot, as well as recollected, extending from the end of his big toe near to the middle of the foot.  He took with him when he left me a good pair of cassinette pantaloons, and a good brown overcoat and a pair of boots.  He may have procured free papers and attempted to make his way to a free State, as a free man of color, or he may have attempted to pass for a white man, which his color would well justify.  But I am rather inclined to believe he is lurking about Charlotte, as he was raised in that town and has numerous relations and acquaintances in and around that place – or he may be about Asheville, N.C., having a brother living there.  Any information respecting him, given to me at Concord, N.C., will be thankfully received.  And the above reward will be given to any person who will deliver him to me, or confine him in any jail so that I can get him.  WM. C. MEANS.  Concord, N.C. March 22, 1848.

Carolina Watchman, 1 June 1848.