by Lisa Y. Henderson

The Superior Court for this county is in session – Judge Ellis presiding.  We are happy to be able to say, that there is no capital case before it.

At Sampson Court, last week, Wm. Boon, alias Wm. Hussey, a free mulatto, was convicted of Burglary with intent to commit a Rape.  Solicitor Strange and Hon. J.C. Dobbin for the State; C.G. Wright, Esq. for the prisoner.

Fayetteville Observer, 4 May 1852.

In the 1850 census of Southern Division, Sampson County: Comfort Boon, 50, with Kadar, 22, Ann, 24, Beckey, 23, Elizabeth, 20, Caty, 19, Evaline, 18, William, 15, and Almira Boon, 10; all described as black.