Jail break, no. 5.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Broke Jail. – We learn that Jesse Holley, the yellow fellow convicted at our last Superior Court, of murder and arson, and sentenced to be hung, but in whose case an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court, broke out of the jail of this town last night, and made his escape.  Holley is a most villainous-looking fellow, about 35 years of age, some five feet eight inches high, and rather stout built.  He is rather a light mulatto, with a kind of reddish or sandy hair, as if burned, and a muddy, freckled face.

We believe that a white man, awaiting trial on some charge of felony, made his escape at the same time.  We have not learned any of the particulars. Wilmington Journal.

Fayetteville Observer, 3 June 1852.