Runaway bound boys, no, 2.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Ten Cents Reward.

Ranaway from the subscriber on the 17th ultimo, mulatto apprentice boy, bound to me by the County Court of Haywood, named STEPHEN GIPSON, about 18 years old.  Said boy has a down look when spoken to.  I hereby forewarn all persons from trading with or harboring said boy under the penalty of law.  I will give the above reward for said boy if delivered to me in Waynesville, Haywood county, N.C.  S. FITZGERALD.  July 5, 1844.

Highland Messenger, Asheville, 4 Oct 1844.

In the 1850 census of Tennessee Valley, Macon County: John Gipson, 46, white farmer; wife Mourning, 38, Indian; children Lavina, 16, Carton, 12, Solomon, 10, and Elias, 8, all Indian; and Stephen Gipson, 25, mulatto.  John was born in Buncombe County; the others in Haywood.  NB: Other adult male Gipsons listed nearby are described as “mulatto,” as is John Gipson in the 1880 census of Dutch Bottom, Cocke County, Tennessee.


On the 21st November last, from James Wallace, an indented apprentice by the name WILLIAM SYDNEY McLEAN.  And from R.L. De Armond, in July, 1844, an indented apprentice, (a mulatto) by the name of JACK HARRIS.  – The subscribers, their owners, will give a reward of five cents each for the apprehension of said boys; and they forbid any person employing or harboring them, at the peril of the law.  R.L. DE ARMOND.  Feb. 28, 1845.

Mecklenburg Jeffersonian, Charlotte, 7 March 1845.