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by Lisa Y. Henderson


To Company K, 6th Reg’t, N.C. State Troops, by Pleasant Grove District, Alamance, collected and carried to Virginia, by Lieutenant Levi Whitted.

Egbert Corn, (free negro,) 1 quilt; Ned Corn, (free negro) 2 quilts; Dixon Corn, (free negro) 2 blankets: … Sam Martin (free negro) 1 pair shoes ….

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 10 December 1862.

In the 1860 census, Alamance County: Egbert Corn, mulatto, no age given, farmer, shared a household with Lem Jeffries, mulatto.  Also, in adjacent households: Ned Corn, 60, and children Martha, 28, Ebra, 27, Thos., 24, and L. Corn, 22, plus C. Anderson, 23; and Dixon Corn, 64, wife Tempy, 65, and A.J., 27, Giles, 24, Frank, 18, and J. Mc. Corn, 5, plus, Bill, 15, Haywood, 12, John, 18, and Jackson Heath, 26.