Born in Guinea, carried to France, landed at Beaufort.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


ON the 29th day of October last, came to the house of the subscriber, a negroman who says his name is BRANDY, and that he is a free-man that he was born in Guinea and carried to France, and afterwards to this country by Calu a Frenchman, about 12 or 18 months past, who landed at Beaufort.  He is about 30 years of age, of a black complexion, about 5 feet 8 or 10 inches high, has the marks in the face of a guinea negro, I believe he speaks French pretty well. If any person has any lawful claim to the above mentioned negro I earnestly request that they will give me private notice of it, and upon information of his being a slave I will do my earnest endeavours to confine the said negro, as I shall be by his owner directed, as he is at this time at my house and says that he will stay there.  NATHAN ARCHBELL.  Beaufort county, Nov. 1st, 1800.

Edenton Gazette, 19 Nov 1800.