Caswell County Will Books: G.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

At  April term, 1815, Zachariah Ballard, age 2 years July next, a boy of colour, bound to Simon Denny.

At January term, 1817, Thomas Phillips, boy of colour, age 2, and Rachel Phillips, girl of colour, age 5 years the 9th of September last, bound to William Kennon.  Also, William Howell, boy of colour, age 12 years last September, bound to Thomas Kennon, and Peter Huston, boy of colour, age 2 years, bound to William Douglas.

At July term, 1819, “Emancipation of a negro man named Billy, 5 feet, 9 inches high, age 21 years, to be free from me and my heirs. /s/ William Edenfield, 6 July 1815.”  Proved at Lynchburg, Virginia, in July 1815. Certificate recorded in Caswell County.