Free-Issue Death Certificates: DOVE.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Ned Dove.  Died 13 December 1918, Jacksonville, Onslow County. Colored. Married to Maria Dove.  Born 1846, Onslow County to Durant Dove and Annie Dove. Farmer. Buried Dove graveyard.  Informant, William Dove.

Jane Dove. Died 24 April 1926, Woodington, Lenoir County. Colored. Widow of James Dove. Born 1836 in Onslow County to Durant Dove and Jane Dove, both of Onslow. Informant, James Dove.

Willie Dove. Died 10 March 1927, Woodington, Lenoir County. Colored. Married to Mary Dove. Farmer for Blackledge Harper. Born Onslow County to Durant Dove and Annie White, both of Onslow. Informant, Blackledge Harper.

Henry Dove. Died 2 October 1915, Kinston, Lenoir County. Colored. Married. Born 1850, Onslow County to Durant Dove and Annie White of Onslow County. Informant, John H. Dove.

In the 1850 census of Upper Richlands, Onslow County, Durant Dove, 40, mulatto, wife Anny and children Margarett Ann, Eliza Jane, Wm., Julia, Nancy, Durant, Edward, Mandy, Joshua, and Henry.

Amos Dove.  Died 31 August 1924, Richlands, Onslow County. Negro. Widower of Mercy Dove. Age 78. Father, Sanders Basden. Mother, Nurcy Edwards. Buried Green Branch cemetery.  Informant, Oscar Dove.

John H. Dove.  Died 14 December 1925, Kinston, Lenoir County. Colored. Widowed. Born 1854, Lenoir County to Jim Dove of Lenoir County and unknown mother. Informant, Jim Dove.