I had to leave to keep from being carried off.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Isaac Griffin filed claim #20625 with the Southern Claims Commission.  He was 50 years old and lived near Rosedale in Pasquotank County.  He was a farmer, and during the war he lived on 16 acres, of which ten were cultivated. He was free-born.

He “had to leave several times to keep from being carried off by the rebels.”  In April 1863, soldiers from the 11th Pennsylvania cavalry, camped about five mills away at South Mills, Camden County, took his six-year-old horse, who was large, sound and gentle.

Penny Bogue, 48, testified that she lived a quarter-mile from Griffin. Two Union soldiers came to her house, and one was riding Griffin’s horse.  Sophia Edge, 26, also testified on his behalf. Caleb Griffin, 37, a justice of the peace for Pasquotank County, testified that he lived 100 yards from Isaac Griffin and was his brother.