Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 2.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Willmas Eatman.  Died 21 July 1916, Taylor’s, Wilson County. Negro. Widow. Age 85.  Born Wilson County to Nelson Eatman and Renda Eatman.  Informant, Willie Ellis.

In the 1850 census, of Nash County: Nelson Eatman, 34, wife Rinda, 33, and children Rhoda, 14, Wilmot, 12, Priscy, 10, Ginny, 8, Smithy, 6, and Alford, 4.

Abie Taylor. Died 24 October 1930, Saratoga, Wilson County.  Negro.  Widow of Rutherd Taylor. Age 94. Born Nash County to unknown parents.  Informant, Hilliard Taylor.

In the 1850 census of Nash County: Elizabeth Taylor, 35, and children Mary Ann, 14, Hilliard, 12, Abi, 6, Bryant, 4, and Harry, one month.  All were white except Abi and Harry, who were described as mulatto.

Margarett Boseman. Died 5 April 1932, Rocky Mount, Nash County. Born 1837 in Nash County to unknown father and Lizzie Lucas.  Informant, Willie Mitchell.

This is possibly the Margaret Locus, age 15, who appeared in a household headed by Elizabeth Locus, 28, with Newsom, 2, Mariah, 7, Robert, 11, Willie, 8, and Lucinda Locus, in the 1860 census of Dortches district, Nash County.

Malachi Musgrave.  Died 22 November 1918, Goldsboro, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Delia Musgrave. Aged about 60 years. Laborer.  Born in Wayne County to Haywood Musgrave and Pennie Simmons. Buried Dudley NC.  Informant, Catherine Bennett.

Betsey Teachey.  Died 23 September 1929, Wilson, Wilson County. Colored. Married to James Teachey. Age 77.  Born in Wayne County to Haywood Musgrave and Pennie Simmons.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Haywood Hays [sic], 48, with wife Elizabeth 32, and children Susan E., 16, Simon, 15, Jane, 14, Green, 13, George, 13, Lucretia, 11, Alchi, 10, Mary A., 9, Nancy, 8, Alfred, 7 and Betsey, 5.  In the 1870 census of Brogden, Wayne County: Haywood Musgrave, 53, wife Penny 40, children Kiah, 17 and Mary A., 15, and Alvin, 17, Martha, 14, Naoham, 8, John 5, and Henry Guy, 1.

Amanda Evens.  Died 29 September 1929, Speights Bridge, Greene County.  Colored.  Single. Born 1842 in Wilson County to Willis Hagans and Patsy Evens.

In the 1850 census of Edgecombe County: Willis Hagens, 50, with Patsy Mitchell and her children Sally, 20, Rufus, 9, Amanda, 6, Wm.,2, and Mary Mitchell, 1.