Caswell County Will Books: E

by Lisa Y. Henderson

At February court, 1804, Lewis Watkins, base born of colour now 2 years and one month old, bound to Daniel Clam.

At February court, 1804, Free Robin Watkins listed among buyers at the second sale of the estate of John Lea on 16 November 1803.

At April court 1805, David Hutson, male child of colour, one year old August next, bound to William Cantrell.  Betsey Hutson, a child of colour, 3 years August next, bound to William Cantrell.

At February court 1806, Joseph Bracken hath petitioned the court that negro slave named Arnes, property of Bracken, may be liberated and become free.  Should Arnes ever become chargeable to the county, said obligation should be voided.

At April court 1806, Mourning Gillaspy girl of colour age 17 years the last day of March last bound to Jacob Ahart.

At July court 1806, Betsy Watkins, age 2 years last September, and Lewis Watkins, age 5 years last March, children of colour, bound to Christopher Dameron. 

At August court 1806, Christopher Dameron Sen. not to remove two free children of colour, Lewis and Betsy Watkins, from Caswell County and should deliver them to Court when they arrive at age.

At January court 1807, Cornelius Willson, male child of colour 4 years old last February, bound to Edward Swann. 

At January court 1807, John Freeman, a free black man of Caswell County indebted to Durett Richards and Josiah Samuel, obliges to serve Richards for a term of 6 years.  Witness: William Yates Jun., John Hall, Ambrose Britt. 11 Dec 1806.

At January court 1808, Lewis Watkins, 7 years old, and Betsy Watkins, 3 years old, orphans of colour, bound to Gregory Hightower.  Also, Edmund McCubbins, orphan of colour, 14 years old next July, bound to Benjamin C. West.