Boon’s horse.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

William Boon filed claim #1708 with the Southern Claims Commission.  He was 40 years old and born free and reared in Gates County.  He had lived about 5 miles from Gatesville for 22 years.

On 21 July 1863, a large force of cavalry, the 11th Pennsylvania, passed in the road to Suffolk. They took Boon’s seven or eight year-old sorrel-colored horse, which was worth about $200.

James A. Green was a 37 year-old, free-born brickmason and farmer who lived about 4 miles from Boon.

Zachariah Boon, age 68, was William’s father.  William had lived with him at the time the horse was taken.

Alonzo Green, age 28, was the postmaster at Gatesville. He had known William Boon all his life and had lived about 6 miles from him during the war.