Onslow County apprentices, 1801-1809.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

The following free children of color were apprenticed in Onslow County during the period 1801 through 1809:

Salona Hammons to John Willey, 1801.

Asa Hammonds to John Willey, 1801.

Henry Mashburn to Hach James, 1804.

Omy Whiters to Henry Horn, 1806.

Joshua Whiters to Henry Horn, 1806.

Rose Boon to James Thompson, 1807.

Hardy Jarman to Frances Willey, 1808.

Sucky Henderson to Richard Trott, 1809.

Polly Henderson to Isaac Barber, 1809.

Apprenticeship Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.