Free-issue Death Certificates: HAGANS.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Charles Hagans.  Died 26 Mar 1939 in Wilson.  Resided at 210 Manchester Street, Wilson.  Colored.  Widower of Clara Hagans. Age 80 years, 1 month, 1 day.  Preacher.  Born Wilson County to Richard Hagans and Allie Faithful.  Informant, Richard Hagans.

Infant Charles Hagans is listed in the household of his parents, Richard and Alley Hagans, in the 1860 census of Edgecombe County.

Geo. Hagans.  Died 24 June 1925, Nahunta township, Wayne County. Negro. Married to Ann Hagans. Age 75.  Farmer. Born Pikeville, Wayne County, to William Henry Hagans and Matilda [no last name], both of Wayne County. Buried in Pikeville cemetery.  Informant, Raeford Hagans.

Polly Hagans.  Died 10 Feb 1927, New Hope township, Wayne County.  Colored.  Widow.  Age about 85. Born in NC.  Father, Gary Rowe.  Buried Lenoir County.  Informant, Jack Rowe. 

Gary Rowe is listed as a head of household in the 1840 census of Davis District, Wayne County, and the 1860 census of Stoney Creek township, Wayne County.