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George & Minnie Manuel.


George S. Manuel and wife, Mary Jane “Minnie” Bear Manuel, Greene County, Tennessee.

Jesse Manuel, born around 1775, and his wife, Beaty Revels, left Sampson County, North Carolina, about 1830 and settled in Greene County, Tennessee. Their children included Ephraim, James, Mahala, Elkana, Levi, Sylvania and Travis. Several of his sons, including Travis Manuel, appear as heads of household in Greene County in 1840, and by 1850, Ephraim and James, had migrated further to Brown County, Indiana. By 1860, they had pushed even further north to southern Michigan, though their siblings remained in the Greene County area.

In the 1850 census of Greene County TN, 35 year-old NC-born Travis Manuel, 61 year-old Mary Manuel, and George (13) and Margaret Manuel (11). 

[Sidenote: Many thanks to Edie Lee Harris for use of this photograph and information about her family.]



Punch goes home.

State of Tennessee Maury County        } To all to whom it concerns, know ye that my Negro Man Punch, from his faithfull services and careful disposition is deserving of some favor for his former Services, and having an inclination to return to Onslow County No Carolina from where I brought him, have by these presence permited him to return to that place and spend the remnant of his days as a free man, and all and every person or persons has liberty to contract with him as such.  Given under my hand this 23rd March 1811.   A. Johnston

[On reverse] Onslow County   In Court of July Term 1811 This instrument of writing was proved by Lem’l Dotys proving the hand writing of Amos Johnston. Ordered to be registered Attest Nath’l Loomis

Slave Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.  US Population Schedule.