Nash County Apprentices, 1778-1806.

At April Court 1778, Jesse Booth, Sylvia Booth, Henry Tayborn, the first two “base begotten” children of Priscilla Booth, the last the orphan of Henry Tayburn deceased, fees pd. Indenture to be prepared again next ct.

At July Court 1779, ordered that Isham Locas, 3, Martha Locas, 4, and Burwell Locas, 2 months, base-begotten children, were bound to Lazarus Pope to learn the art and mystery of planters for the boys and carding & spinning for the girl.

At October Court 1779, ordered that Lucy Locust, 3, Henry Locust, 6, and Joshua Locust, 2, base born children of Mary Locust, were bound to George Jackson, the boys to learn the “art and mystery” of planters and the girl, carding and spinning.

At August Court 1792, Chany Locus, 4, base-born child of Sarah Locus, was bound to Jacob Barnes until 18 to learn to card and spin.

At May Court 1806, Rich’d Shay, age 1 year, 9 months, a base-born child of color, was bound to Reuben Whitfield until 21.

At May Court 1806, Fanny Jones, 4, base-born child of color, was bound to Zadock Sneed.

Minutes, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Nash County Records, North Carolina State Archives.