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Where are they now? Nos. 6, 7 and 8.

P.M. was born in the mid-1960s in Wilson NC.  She is descended from:

(1) Rhoda Reid [ca1795-ca1865, Wayne County] via John Reid [1826-ca1890, Wayne County] via Isaiah Reid [1853-??, Wayne County]


S.T. was born in the early 1960s in Wilson NC.  She is descended from:

(1) Celia Tabourn [??-??, Nash County] via Lemon Tabron [1837-ca1895, Nash/Wilson County]


S.B. was born in the early 1960s in Wilson NC.  He is descended from:

(1) Richard Hagans [1828-ca1890, Edgecombe County] via Lawrence Hagans [1850-1826, Edgecombe/Wilson County]

(2) Alice Ann Faithful [1829-??, Edgecombe County]

Person binds five.

Ordered that Bitha Reed now of the age of Ten years, Vinia Reed now of the age of Eight years, Sion Reed now of the age of Six years, Washington Reed now of the age of Three years, and also William Hagans not of the age of Six Years, all of Colour be bound unto Thomas Person untill they arrive at Lawful age

November Term, 1821, Wayne County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

To be Eaqually divided be tween them.

State of North Carolina, Wayne County

I Roday Reed of said county as this 16th day of Sept 1863 make and declare this to be my last Will & testament in manor & form following (Viz)

I lend to my daughter Patsey Hall all my lands & all my other property of all kind my money & debts all that I may have at death after my just debts & burying Expense are paid provided the the said Patsey Hall takes her Two sisters in with her Say Bytha & Vina to be supported on the land & this property sepperate & apart from their husbands at the death of the last one of my before named daughters say Bytha & Vina & Patsey I give my mare Dobie(?) to Edmond Hall my grandson & I give all the rest of above named property to my grand children Edmund Hall & Eveline Hall to them & their heirs forever to be Eaqually divided be tween them.  I also give it so my will for my husband David to be supported out of the above named property during his life.  Lastly I nominate my beloved son Washington Reed to Execute this my last will & testament to all interests declaring this & no other to be my will, I or witness whereof I have unto set my hand & seal

Signed & acknowledged                                    Roda X Reed

W Thompson

John Read

[Sidenote: Rhoda Reid was a prosperous free woman of color born about 1795, most likely in northeastern Wayne County.  She and her sister Tabitha Reid married enslaved men whom they informally manumitted.  Rhoda, who recorded her first deed in 1821, amassed considerable property in the Nahunta area of Wayne County.  Her daughter Martha “Patsey” Reid, born about 1824, married Dempsey Hall.  Edmond and Eveline Hall were Patsey’s children.  Her daughters Tabitha “Bitha” and Melvina “Vina” were born 1810-1815.  Rhoda’s sons Washington, Zion, John, Isaac and Benjamin Reid were well-to-do farmers as well. — LYH]

Wills, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Free colored slaveholders in Wayne County, 1850.

Hillary Croom — 55 year-old black female; 32 year-old black male.

Levi Winn — 55 year-old black male; 22 year-old black male.

Sheppard Best — 80 year-old black female.

Tabitha Read — 50 year-old black male; 50 year-old black male; 60 year-old black male; 55 year-old black female.

Celia Artice — 60 year-old male.

Arthur Cotten — 50 year-old black male.

Rhoda Read — 70 year-old black male.

Luke Hall — 70 year-old black male.

Celia Artice and sisters Rhoda and Tabitha Read owned their husbands.  The ages of slaves held by other free people of color in the county suggests that they, too, had secured title to loved ones.

1850 United States Federal Census, Slave Schedule, Wayne County NC.