Her mother took her away.

THREE DOLLARS REWARD.  Ranaway from the subscriber on Friday night the 14th inst., an indented bright mulatto girl about 15 years old, slender made, with straight black hair, by the name of MARY ANN BOWEN.  It is supposed that she is in the neighborhood of Goodwin Bowen, a free man of color in Bladen county, on the Wilmington road, about 6 miles below the Westbrook Post Office, as her mother, Polly Bowen, who took her away, declared when she was hiring a horse and Carryall for that purpose, that she was going to Goodwin Bowen’s, in Bladen county.  The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid for returning said girl to me, or putting her into any Jail in this State and giving information through the Post Office, so that I can get her again.  All persons are cautioned against employing, harboring, or entertaining said girl in any way, as I shall prosecute them rigorously according to law.     JOSEPH AREY     March 22, 1845

Fayetteville The North Carolinian, 3 May 1845.