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James L. & Bettie Johnson Mozingo.

ImageJAMES LODY MOZINGO was born about 1862 in Cumberland County to Wiley Mozingo (ca1830-ca1915) and Agnes Allen Mozingo (ca1840-1923). His wife Bettie Johnson Mozingo was born around 1873 in Johnston County to Stephen Johnson (1838-1914) and Mary Sasser Johnson (1845-??).

In the 1860 census of Cumberland, Cumberland County: Wiley Mozingo, 25, wife Agus, 20, and children S.E., 4, Mary C., 3, and Lavina, one month. The censustaker noted that S.E. and Mary had red hair.

Susan Mozingo Ward Lewis.

ImageSUSAN MOZINGO WARD LEWIS (1809-1860), great-great-granddaughter of Edward Mozingo, an African indentured servant in 17th-century Richmond County, Virginia. Susan was born in Wayne County to Sarah “Sally” Mozingo and died in Georgia.

Photo courtesy of Melicent Remy.

[Sidenote: Edward Mozingo, “a negro man,” successfully sued for his freedom in 1672.  DNA testing of his patrilineal descendants has confirmed his African origin, but by the late 18th century, many if not most of his descendants were considered white. For a fascinating exploration of the Mozingo family, see Joe Mozingo, Fiddler on Pantico Run: An African Warrior, His White Descendants, a Search for Family. — LYH]

Where are they now? No. 4.

K.H. was born in the mid-1960s in Wilson NC.  He is descended from:

(1) Vicey Artis Williams [1810-ca1868, Greene/Wayne] via Adam T. Artis [1831-1919, Greene/Wayne] via Noah Artis [1856-1952, Wayne/Wilson County]

(2) Chaney Jones [1795-1873, Nash County] via Lucinda Jones Artis [1834-1859, Nash County]

(3) Christopher Mozingo [1800-ca1855, Sampson County] via Wiley Mozingo [1832-??, Sampson/Cumberland/Wayne County]

(4) Sarah Allen [??-??, Cumberland County] via Agnes Allen [1840-??, Cumberland/Wayne County]