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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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James has his papers.

NOTICE. Taken up and committed to the Jail of Moore county, on the 14th day of July, 1860, as a Runaway, a NEGRO MAN who says that he is free, that his name is JOHN LUCAS, and that he is from Nash County, N.C., and was bound to Marcom Hinesdeen of Nash County, and says that James Night has his papers. He is about 29 years old, dark complected, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, weighs about 165 or 170 lbs. The owner is requested to come forward , prove property, pay charges, and take him away, or he will be dealt with as the law directs.   L.F. CADDELL, Jailor. Aug. 13.

Carolina Observer, 13 August 1860.

He is carrying a dead man’s free papers.

$30 REWARD. – I will give the above reward of Thirty Dollars to any person who will apprehend and deliver to me, or confine in jail so that I can get him, my negro man TOM, who ran away from me about the 9th of February last. TOM is about forty-two or forty-three years old, about five feet five or six inches high, rather light built, of light complexion, almost of the Indian order, lank or hollow jawed, wears his hair combed up in front, when spoken to has a down look, no particular mark recollected, except a scar from a severe cut on his right fore finger. It is believed he has with him Free Papers belonging to James Lucas or Locust, who froze to death in January last in the neighborhood; since which his Free Papers have not been found or heard of; and I have no doubt TOM is now passing himself as James Lucas or Locust as a free man. I have reason to believe that he is occasionally lurking about Louisburg, as I bought him of Mr. JOSIAH BRIDGES of that vicinity.

All persons are cautioned against employing, harboring, carrying away, or assisting him to get away, as the law will in every case be rigidly enforced.  RICHARD SHORT.

Vicksville P.O., Nash county, N.C. August 21, 1839.

North Carolina Standard, Raleigh, 4 September 1839.

Where are they now? No. 12.

G.W. was born in the early 1960s in Wilson NC.  He is descended from these free people of color:

(1) Eliza Brantley [ca1820-??, Nash County]

(2) George Drewery [1848-1921, Canada/Michigan/Nash County]

(3) Nelson Eatmon [1816-??, Nash/Wilson County] via Wilmouth Eatmon [1836-1916, Nash/Wilson County]

(4) Martin Locus [ca1815-??, Nash County]

(5) a Lucas line

(6) Lucy Mills [Nash County]

(7) Sallie A. Mitchell [1859-??, Nash County]

(8) Starkey Pulley [1815-??, Nash County] via William Pulley [1859-1930, Nash County]

(9) Allen Taybourn [1815-c1900, Nash County] via Amanda Taybourn [1851-1898]

(10) Bitha Taybourn [1828-1860, Nash County]

(11) Abi Taylor [1843-1930, Nash/Wilson County]

(12) Augustus Wilkins via John Wilkins [1830-1914, Nash County] via William Wilkins (1862-??, Nash County]