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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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Adam Toussaint Artis.

ImageADAM TOUSSAINT ARTIS died 94 years ago today.  His tombstone tilts, wedged between trees, in a tiny family plot on land still owned by his descendants near Eureka, Wayne County.

[Sidenote: He was my great-great-great-grandfather. — LYH]

Photograph by Lisa Y. Henderson, 2011.

Onslow County Apprentices, 1817-1818.

Ann Whitehurst, Bill Whitehurst and Edward Whitehurst were bound to Whitehead Humphrey in 1817.

Elisha Boon and Sarah Boon were bound to Jesse Orrell in 1817.

Abe Barrow was bound to Jesse Humphrey in 1818 to learn the trade of shoemaker.

Nancy Whitus and Elijah Whitus were bound to Whitehead Humphrey in 1818.

Elisha Boon and Sarah Boon, children of Betty Boon, were bound to Turner Ellis in 1818.

Peter Calton Boon and Betsey Boon were bound to James Johnston in 1818.

Mary Hammonds were bound to James Barrow in 1818.

Durant Henderson and Willis Henderson were bound to John Jones in 1818.

Apprentice Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

John and Sarah Simmons Henderson.

ImageJOHN HENRY HENDERSON and wife SARAH ELIZABETH SIMMONS HENDERSON.  John was born in 1860 in Sampson County to James and Eliza Armwood Henderson.  Sarah was born about 1868 to Bryant and Elizabeth Wynn Simmons. Both died near Dudley, Wayne County.