Cocks fight; man dies.

Halifax, April 16.

Murder. – On Tuesday last, an inquest was held in this town on the body of Samuel Horne, a free colored man, who died the preceding day. From the Coroner’s report it appears that on Sunday last Edward Jones, a shoemaker, residing in this place, saw two chicken-cocks fighting near his house; he caught one and threatened to shoot the other, which Samuel Horne, the deceased, begged him not to do; upon this Jones ordered him out of the house, and swore if he did not go he would kill him, and immediately looked about for his shoe knife; the deceased went off, was pursued and stabbed by Jones. The wound was afflicted just above the collar bone on the left side of the neck, passing obliquely across the breast, cutting the windpipe, puncturing the swallow, and dividing important blood-vessels. Jones was immediately taken in to custody, and is now in jail awaiting his trial.  Free Press.

Hillsborough Recorder, 28 April 1824.