Application for Guardianship.


Application filed by Adam T. Artis in 1872 for guardianship of his minor children Augustus Kerney, Noah and Mary Jane Artis.  Their mother, Lucinda Jones Artis, died circa 1860, and they inherited her share of the estate of her father Jacob Ing, who died in 1870.  See earlier post.  Gus Artis, born about 1857, migrated to Arkansas, where he died in 1921.  Noah Artis was born in 1856, married Patience Mozingo, and died in 1952 in Wilson NC.  Mary Jane, born 1859, married Henry Artis and died after 1900.

In the 1860 census of Davis district, Wayne County, Adam Artis, 30, appears with children Kerney, 4, Noah, 2, and Mary J, 1, plus Jane Artis, 26 (who was his sister), and a one month-old infant.

Estate Records, Records of Wayne County, North Carolina State Archives; 1860 federal population schedule.