He had no marks of violence on his body.

State of North Carolina, Nash County }

An Iquisition indented taken near Mr. Rickes in the said county of Nash on the 29 day of Dec’r A.D. 1838 before A.B. Baines coroner of and in the said county upon the mein of the body of Jams Locust then and there lying dead upon the oaths of Marmaduke Ricks Gideon Stricklen William Cone Saml Wester Griffin Bird Ruben Stricklen George R. Bell Isaac Stricklen Jos. Barnes Richrd H. Dorzier Jerry Perry Merida Whitley good and Lawful men of the county aforesaid who being sworn and charged to engain on the part of the State aforesaid, when, where, how, and often what manner the Said James Locust came to his death do say upon there oath that the said Jas. Locust on the 29 day of Dec’r A.D. 1838 in the county aforesaid to wit in the publick road leading from Raleigh to Tarborough near one Marmaduke Ricks was found dead that he had no marks of violence on his body and died by being intoxicated with spirituous liquors and being unable to escape from the rain and snow [illegible] and by reason of the same died witness where of as well the afore said coroner as the Jury afore said have to this Inquesition put their seals, on the day and date first above written at the place aforesaid

[Signatures of coroner and committee omitted.]

From the file of James Locust, Nash County, North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979, https://familysearch.org. Original, North Carolina State Archives.