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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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Release him from any further cull.

It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Noah Mitchel a free person of color is a blacksmith by trade and without his services the farming interests of the County must be materially impaired. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the proper authorities be requested to release him from any further cull of the free negroes from the County to perform labor for the Government. [15 February 1864]

Minutes, Superior Court of Sampson County.

The Armwoods get certified and paid.


During the Civil War, free men of color were conscripted to build breastworks on North Carolina’s southern coast. After filing claims, the Armwoods were paid for their two weeks of service — minus the cost of a furnished blanket.

In the 1850 census of Southern District, Sampson County: John Armwood, 50, laborer; Susan, 30; Henderson, 25; Louisa, 20; Henry, 16; Richard, 15; and John Armwood, 13. In the Northern District: James Winn, 33; Buckner L.Bryan, 14; Zachariah Bryan, 13; and Owen Armwood, 24.

Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-1865, National Archives and Record Administration.