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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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Knocked off the locomotive.


A free negro man named Shadrack Manly, employed as a fireman on board of the Rail Road train for 8 or 10 years, was knocked off from the Locomotive, on Saturday afternoon, by striking against a post of the county bridge that runs across the Road, about 200 yards above the Depot. He was standing with one foot on the brake, and leaning over, when the accident happened. He fell under the wheels, which run over his face and killed him instantly. – The Coroners’ jury brought in a verdict in accordance with the above facts.

Weekly Commercial (Wilmington), 20 July 1849.

The wheel had passed upon his neck.

Inquest. — On Friday last, Mr. Frederick Moore, Coroner, held an inquest on the body of a free colored man named William Blalock, of Robeson County, who was found dead on the evening previous, about four miles from town on the Rockfish Factory Road. It appeared that he had fallen from his cart in a state of intoxication, and that the wheel had passed upon his neck, and whilst in that position the ox stopped, leaving the wheel resting on his neck. Verdict accordingly. — Fayetteville Obs.

The Greensboro Patriot, 9 December 1843.

Floating in the river.


The body of Hilliard Reid, a free mulatto, who had been employed on board the Railroad Company’s Steamer, was found this morning floating in the North East River, just above the Company’s wharves. We learn that when last seen, he was quite drunk, and the probability is, that he fell into the River and got drowned while in a state of intoxication. –Jour. of Thursday.

Weekly Commercial (Wilmington), 9 April 1852.

Crushed between a train of cars.

CORONER’S INQUEST. – Coroner Wood, yesterday afternoon, held an inquest over the body of a free negro named Bill Gafford, at the Manchester Rail Road Depot, who came to his death by being crushed between a train of cars eight miles this side of Fair Bluff. – Verdict in accordance with the above. – Wilmington Herald.

North Carolina Argus (Wadesboro), 29 August 1857.