Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Set off and divide.

State of North Carolina, Wayne County   }  In obedience to an order of Court to me Olin Coor Sheriff directed, Issued from Aug Term 1863. I have proceeded to Summon the following man as commissioners to Set-off and divide the land Deeded to Rody Reed and Isaac Reed by Jno. Hollowell as by reference to said and will more fully show. Viz – Said Rody Reed is to have one fourth of said land and Isaac Reed three fourths which division is in manner and form following to witt viz. –

Beginning for J.P. Rogers (who has become the purchaser of the interest of Said land belonging to Isaac Reed) at a stake on the main run of Aycocks Swamp H.B. Ballance corner and runs N 5 W 272 poles to two small pines Thomas F. Davis & H.B. Ballance’s corner then N 33 E 24 poles to a hickory Said Davis corner then with his line So 70 E 157 ¾ Poles to a Stake then with his line N 55 E 27 poles Stake then South 40 E a strate line to a Stake on the run of Aycocks Swamp then up the various courses of Said run as it meanders to the beginning containing one hundred and ninty five acres Also one other tract adjoining the lands of Said Ballance & others beginning at a maple in a small branch then up said branch 30 poles to a black Gum the dividing corner between Said Rogers and Rody Read then down the run of Said branch to a white Oak then N 86 E 72 poles to the beginning continuing twenty and one fourth acres.

Beginning for Rody Reed at a Stake on the run of Aycocks Swamp the corner of said J.P. Rogers and runs with his line N 40 W 59 poles to a State said Rogers corner in Thomas F. Davis’ line then N 55 E 18 poles to a Sassafras then N 27 ½ W 60 poles to a maple on the run of Newsums Branch then down the run of said Branch as it meanders to the run of Aycocks Swamp then up the run of said Swamp as it meanders to the beginning, containing Seventy two acres Also another tract adjoining the Lands of said Davis and others. Beginning at a black Gum said Rogers’s corner then with his line S 82 W 33 poles to a small sweet Gum in a small branch then up said to a pine said Davis’s corner then N 82 E 21 poles to a Small black Gum at the head of a Small drain then down the same as it meanders to the beginning, containing five and one fourth acres.

Al of which is respectfully submitted under our hands and Seals this the 24th day of Aug 1863  /s/ Henry Martin, W.P. Peacock, H.B. Ballance, L.J. Sauls

Witness O. Coor Sheriff

Recording Docket Book 14, page 9. Office of Clerk of Superior Court, Wayne County Courthouse, Goldsboro.

Application for a licence for a marriage.

ImageThe marriage license of Josiah Hagans and Anna Lomack of Cumberland County.

Marriage Bonds, Cumbelrand County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

In the 1840 census of Cumberland County: Josiah Hagans heads a household consisting of 1 male aged 36-55, 1 male aged 55-100, 5 females under age 10, and 1 female aged 24-36; all free people of color.

Jack & Fax.

CRUSOE JACK AND JUDGE FAX. There is a tradition that, when the treaty of Tellico in 1789 was made, Crusoe Jack, a mulatto, got a grant to the magnificent Harden farm and that John Harden traded him out of it. Harden worked about fifty slaves on this farm, among whom was Fax, a mulatto, who bought his freedom from John Harden, whose descendants still own this farm, and settled at Fairfax, where Daniel Lester afterwards lived for many years, and where Jeremiah Jenkins afterwards lived and died. Fax was called Judge Fax and kept a public house where he supplied wagoners and other travelers with such accommodations as he could.

From John Preston Arthur, History of Western North Carolina (1914).