Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

From Philadelphia?

Jailor’s Notice.

Taken up on the 25th of June, 1827, and committed to the Jail of New Hanover county, North Carolina, a negro man, named JAMES ARCHEY, 5 feet 8 inches high, 27 years old, two of his upper front teeth out, and a scar over his right eye. This fellow says that he is free, and that he was born in Philadelphia, and his parents live there. There is but very little doubt that he is a slave, as he can tell but little about Philadelphia, or any part of the North. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away.  CHARLES R. MORRIS, Jailor. Wilmington, N.C., Nov. 27, 1827.

Star, Raleigh, 5 February 1829.

Two tracts on Mumford Street.

Washington Winn to Lewis W. Levy.

This Indenture made this 15th day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and Fifty three between Washington Winn of the County of Wayne in the State of North Carolina of the one part and Lewis W. Levy of the County of Cumberland and State abovesaid of the other part. Witnesseth, that the said Washington Wynn for and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Lewis W. Levy at and before the sealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge hath given, granted and bargained, Sold, aliened, remised, released, and confirmed, and doth by these presents, give, grant, bargain and sell, alien, remise, release, and confirm unto the said Lewis W. Levy his heirs & assigns all that tract or parcel of land, situate lying and being in the Town of Fayetteville in the South Side of Mumford Street and Beginning at the North East corner in the margin of Said Street and runs as the said Street about South 70 East to within three feet of Sampsons North West corner in said Street. Thence parallel with said line of Sampsons Lot to within three feet of Sampsons back on South West corner. Thence to a stake within about eight feet of the said Phillis Dennis South East corner of her back lot.  Thence to her corner, thence with her line to the beginning corner on the margin of Mumford Street. It being a lot of land Sold by Thomas J. Curtis to Phillis Dennis 13th Novr 1840 & registered in Book V, No. 2, page 475. Also one other tract of land Beginning at the intersection of Mumford and Robinson Streets on the South side of Mumford Street and runs thence South [illegible] East one chain and (50) fifty two links. Then South [illegible] West two chains & Sixty links to the corner of Lot No. 5. Thence North Seven and half degrees West one chain eighty four links to Robinson Street. Thence at Robinsons Street two chains to the Beginning. Being Lot No. 1 conveyed by Isaac Newberry to Phillis Dennis & Registered in Book K [illegible] 2, page 199. To Have and to Hold the said Land with its appurtenances to the proper use, behoof and benefit of the said Lewis W. Levy his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Washington Wynn for himself and his Heirs, Executors and Administrators doth covenant, promise and agree to and with the said Lewis W. Levy his heirs and assigns, that he the said Lewis W. Levy his heirs and assigns and every of them, shall have hold, occupy, possess and enjoy the said Land, with its appurtenances, without any let, suit, hindrance, molestation or eviction from or by the lawful claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever, to warrant and forever defend. In testimony Whereof, the said Washington Wynn hath hereunto Set his hand affixed his seal, the day and year first above written.  Washington Winn

Sealed and Delivered in Presence of James Banks

State of North Carolina, Cumberland County  } April 18th 1854

Then was this Deed proved before me John McLaurin

Grantee Book 51, p. 542, Register of Deeds Office, Cumberland County Courthouse, Fayettevllle.

Onslow County Bastardy Bonds

Sib Craft named Asa Hammons, 11 October 1815.

Gatsy Dove named Virgil Crawford, 20 July 1846.

Patsy Dove named Hezekiah White, 17 July 1846.

In the 1850 census of Lower Richlands, Onslow County: Patsey, 30, and Esther Dove, 1, in the household of Elijah Murrill.

Elizabeth Griffin named Asa Hammons, 6 February 1826, 5 August 1826 and 2 November 1829.

Mary Whitehurst named [blank], 29 January 1850. James Henderson posted bond.

In the 1850 census of Lower Southwest: James White, 44, “Turp’t B[illegible],” wife Eliza, 32, and children Luke, 13, Wm., 11, James, 9, Hester, 6, Eliza Ann, 3, and Ben, 4 months, plus Mary, 21, and Clarky Ann, 5 months.

Bastardy Bonds, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Carter applies for Confederate pension.



On this 16 day of May, A.D. 1927, personally appeared before me John D. Newell, C.S.C. in and for the State and County aforesaid, Hawkins W. Carter, age 87 years, and a resident at Warrenton post-office, in said County and State, and who, being duly sworn, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension under the provisions of an act entitled “An act to amend and consolidate the pension laws of the State of North Carolina,“ ratified March 8, 1921: That he is the identical Hawkins W. Carter (Colored), who went with who enlisted in Co. C-46, Reg., N.C. State Troops, as servant on or about [blank] day of [blank], 1861, to serve in the armies of the late Confederate States, and that while in service at [blank] in the State of [blank], on or about [blank] day of [blank], [blank], he received a wound or wounds, etc. [description] First went to Newbern, N.C. throwing up breastworks. Then went with Stephen W. Jones to Goldsboro, N.C., then to Richmond, Va., where we fought 7 days; and then remained in Army until War Ended. Was at battle Wilderness. I waited on white soldiers – cook, baggage and etc. I was not wounded; but am 87 and can not work; any at all.

He further states:

That he is, and has been for twelve months immediately preceding this Application for Pension, a bona fide resident of North Carolina;

That he holds no office under the United States, or any State or County, from which he is receiving the sum of three hundred dollars as fees or as salary annually;

That he is not worth in his own right, or the right of his wife, property at its assessed value for taxation to the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000), nor has he disposed of property of such value by gift or voluntary conveyance since the 11th of March, 1885;

That he is not receiving any aid from the State of North Carolina or under any other statue providing for the relief of the maimed and blind soldiers of the State.   /s/ Hawkins W. Carter

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 16 day of May, 1927.  /s/ John D. Newell.

Also personally appeared before me John W. Allen, Commander John White Camp Old Vetran, who resides at Warrenton, N.C. postoffice, in said County and State, a person whom I know to be respectable and entitled to credit, and being by me duly sworn, says he acquainted with Hawkins W. Carter, the applicant for pension, and has every reason to believe that he is the identical person he represents himself to be, and that the facts set forth in this affidavit are correct to the best of his knowledge and belief, and that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in this claim. /s/ John W. Allen

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 16 day of May, 1927.  /s/ John D. Newell

[Approved 16 October 1927]

From the file of Hawkins W. Carter; North Carolina, Confederate Soldiers and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-1953; Original, North Carolina State Archives.

Free Colored Inhabitants of the Town of Smithville, Brunswick County, 1860.

24. Blount Archy, 38.

87. William Brown, 57, wife Sarah, 44, and children Mary J., 19, John M., 12, Franklin, 9, William J., 7, Julia, 5, Charles, 3, and Sarah, 1, plus Rily Moore, 1 month.

117. Calvin Bark, 32, laborer, in the household of Benjamin D. Morrell, tavern keeper.

127. Neptune Bell, 80, fisherman.

129. Laura Smith, 66, washwoman.

136. Fortune Hankins, 60, laborer.